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Referee training

AYSO has the best referee training program in the world! Pick the course below that fits your situation. And thank you for volunteering!

Please register for courses ahead of time! To take classroom courses, it would helpful if you could register ahead of time, but last minute attendees are welcome. Identify the course you need below, then see this page for registration instructions.

ALSO NEEDEDSee How to register as a volunteer.

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Course descriptions

U8 Official Referee Course

To officiate U6, U7, and U8 games.
    Assistant Referee Course
    To be an Assistant Referee for U9 and older games.

    Basic Referee Course
    To officiate U9 and older games.
    The Basic Referee Course is available in two versions:
    • Version 1: the entire 2-session course is done in a classroom (9 hours).  This version is highly recommended for those who are relatively new to the game of soccer.
      • Version 2  - Online Companion version: the course is split into an online component (1 to 2 hours) and an in-class component to review the online portion, do some fieldwork, answer your questions, take the exam, and receive your uniform and equipment (4 hours).  This version is recommended for those that have played soccer or know the game well.
      PART 1—Online
      • To access the online course, you will need an AYSO ID number. If you don't have one already, go to and apply to be a volunteer. Next, please print one copy of your Volunteer Application Form to bring to the class. Write down your AYSO ID number.
      • To take the online course, go to and log in using your AYSO ID number. Select "Referee Training", and click "Start Now". After you log in again, the slides will begin. Please print off your certificate of completion to bring to the class.
      PART 2—Classroom
      After completing the online portion of the course, you must attend the classroom component to complete all the requirements. Please register for the course on

      Course name: "Basic Referee Online Companion Course

      Intermediate Referee Course

      Referees who have taken the Basic Referee Course and have at least a season of game experience officiating U9/10 games are strongly urged to take the Intermediate Referee Course. It's a great course, and will take your skills to the next level! You must attend all 3 sessions to fulfill the requirements. Please register for the course on


      In-service training