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Referee contacts

Regional Referee Administrator, Paul Schrupp, refereeadmin@davisayso.org
Director of Referee Instruction, Miriam Martin, refinstruction@davisayso.org
Referee Scheduling Coordinator, Amul Purohit, refscheduler@davisayso.org
Referee Mentoring Coordinator, Kurt Austin, refmentor@davisayso.org
Director of Assessments/Mentoring, Mike Coder, refassessment@davisayso.org
Director of Referee Recruitment, Doug Nelson, refrecruiting@davisayso.org
Dir of Women/Youth Ref Development, Miriam Martin, youcanref@davisayso.org
Davis World Cup Referee Coordinator, Paul Schrupp, DWCreferees@davisayso.org