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Cross certify from AYSO to USSF

You can cross certify from an AYSO Intermediate Referee to a USSF Grade 8. The same is true if cross certifying from AYSO Advanced Referee.

1. Print the cross certification form. The form is here:

2. Fill out the bottom of the form with your personal information. Our Section/Area/Region is 2/D/218.  

  • For upgrades to USSF Grade 8: Scan the form and e-mail it to ALAN LEE, Area Referee Administrator ("arbitro123 AT"). He'll sign the form and e-mail it back to you.
  • For upgrades to USSF Grade 7: The form needs to be signed by the AYSO Section Referee Administrator. Contact ALAN LEE for details.

  • Fill in the form online BEFORE printing it out. One letter per square.
    Handwritten forms will delay processing.
  • Complete as much of Step 1 as you can. If you are re-certifying, your USSF ID Number is required. If you don't know your USSF ID Number or can't locate it, leave it blank. The USSF does NOT need your Social Security Number so to protect yourself from identity theft, please do NOT put it on the form.
    • State Association = CAN (Cal-North, not Canada). Don't change it.
    • Grade = Referee Grade, not your grade in school. [Grade 7 for AYSO National Referees; Grade 8 for all other badges.]
    • The DISTRICT field is used to indicate which California North District you are in. If you don't know, check the map on the Directory page. [District 6]
  • Re-certifying Referees and Assistant Referees should report the number of matches done in the past year in Step 3, Affiliated Game Experience For Prior Year. Write in the actual number of games done at each level. Do not use "X's" or check marks.
  • Read Step 5 and then check the appropriate box. If you have checked the "yes" box, please submit the following information with your form: description of offense, date, court, and sentence. Information is evaluated on a case by case basis in relationship to being a referee.
    If a box is not checked in Step 5, the form will be returned.
    • Print the form in black and white (not color).
    • Print 1 copy of the form to send in.
    • Sign and date your form on the signature line provided. Your signature attests that all information contained on the form is true and correct. Misrepresentation or falsification of facts are reason for possible dismissal. Unsigned forms will be returned.
  • Check payable to "CNRA" in the appropriate amount. [$40 for Grade 8; $45 for Grade 7]
(all the above USSF info copied from

4. Mail the cross-certification form, the USSF registration form, and your check to the following:

Duncan Way -- AYSO, 1692 Mangrove Ave, #209, Chico,CA 95926
(Note: do not use the Chicago address on the form.)

After USSF processes your registration, you will receive a USSF badge for the current year, your USSF ID card, and a copy of the Laws of the Game as published by USSF. Every year thereafter, you will (hopefully) receive a post card telling you to register for the next year. You are required to have a current year badge. You can renew online at any time. If you remain a Grade 8, registration is done online.