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Spring registration

Registration requires use of the website as described in the instructions that follow. Please read these CRITICAL NOTES before using the website.

BROWSERS: This website works ONLY on Windows 2000, Windows XP, Windows 7 and Mac OSX using the following three browsers – Internet Explorer version 7.0 and above, Firefox version 3.0 and above and Safari 4.0 and above. This website does NOT work with Opera and other browsers, or with Linux. If you are Mac user and would like to download the Firefox browser, go  here.  Click on the download link under Mac OS for the English language version.

POP-UP BLOCKERS: Allow pop ups for this website. Internet Explorer users click on Tools – Pop   up blocker – Pop up blocker settings. On the area “Address of website to allow”, enter and click on Add. Fire fox users add the site after clicking on Tools – Options – Content. If Block pop-up windows is checked, click on Exceptions and enter  Click on Allow and then close the window. Your Internet Service Provider (ISP) may have its own pop up blocker as well.  Please turn this one off too.

Please follow the instructions below. Bring to the walk-in registration: one copy of the player registration form and your payment (cash or check). If new to AYSO, you must provide proof of age (copy of birth certificate or passport).
Fall 2012 Returning Player?

1.      If you played in the Fall 2012 season, go to and click on “Signup for other programs” then click on the link for Signup for Spring.

2.      Click on the “Return to My eAYSO” button at the bottom of the page.

3.      Click on “Print player form” to print 2 copies of your Fall 2012 registration form.

4.      Bring one registration form to a Walk-In Registration.  Keep the other copy for your coach.

Previous Season Returning Player?

1.      If you did not play in Fall 2012 but have played in a previous season, go to and click on “Returning Player” (the blue letters that are underlined).  Then select your child by clicking on the blue letters of the child’s name.

2.      On the screens that follow, check to see if any of the information needs to be changed.  Read each of the screens carefully.  Scroll to the bottom of each screen.  Many of the data screens extend below the bottom of your monitor. 

3.      You will need to use eSignature to electronically sign and submit your registration.  Your registration will not be complete until you electronically sign, continue to the next page and click on the button on the bottom of the page labeled “Submit”.  You will then have the option to print your player’s registration form.

New Player?

If you turned 4 by July 31, 2012 then you can play AYSO Spring soccer.

For parents who have not signed up for AYSO before:

Go to www.eayso.orgAt the Welcome screen, click on the button labeled My child is new to AYSO and wants to play soccer. 

1.      Onscreen directions will guide you through the process.

2.      SCROLL DOWN!  Many of the data screens may extend below the bottom of your monitor.  Use the Page Down key or the down arrow key to be sure you’ve scrolled to the bottom of each page.

3.      You will be asked to set up a user profile by entering a username and password.  PLEASE WRITE THESE DOWN. You will then use this log in information each time you re-visit the site.  The system uses an e-mail address for the username. Your home or family email address is usually the easiest to remember, but it does not have to be your regular e-mail address.  It is not used to send any messages to you.  There is another field in the application screen to enter your home or family email address.

4.      When asked to choose a Region, follow the directions to enter the Region number 218.

5.      Providing accurate and complete contact information is important so we can reach you when teams are formed and to be able to contact you when necessary.  E-mail addresses are the best means of communications between the Region and our members.  Please provide us with an e-mail address if you have one.  NOTE: When you enter your street address, please provide a complete address including apartment or suite number and any directional indicators (i.e., North Main St. or 125th St. S.E.).  Note there is a place to enter a mailing address if it is different from your street address.

6.      Our Region is completely volunteer run.  We need your help, and volunteering affords you an opportunity to be involved with your child in a fun activity.  Please indicate a volunteer position that interests you.

7.      The information in any field marked with a red asterisk is required.

8.      You’re not finished until you’ve agreed to use electronic signature, clicked on Submit AND printed your forms.  Then bring them to one of our registration events along with your child’s birth certificate or passport for age verification.