Why coaches should become referees

Dear Coaches,

We’d like to offer you a way to take your coaching to the next level--become a referee! A deeper understanding of the Laws of the Game allows you to take advantage of them during play by, for example, setting an effective offside trap. Many of our advanced coaches are referees, and vice versa, because it builds your soccer savvy!

The coming Select season is a great opportunity to build your skill as a referee. There are games for every level of official, and you’ll have the best possible view of some great soccer. Help the kids have games that are safe, fair, and fun, while getting a great workout and having fun yourself!

If you are a woman, the referee corps needs you, too! Approximately half of our players are girls, but few referees are female. Be a role model and show the girls (and the boys!) that women can excel at every aspect of the game!

See below for course information.

Please contact me if you have any questions. Everyone plays, everyone coaches, everyone refs!

Miriam Martin
Referee Leadership Team
AYSO Region 218

We offer formal training as well as tailored mentoring. This January, we are offering two Basic referee courses in a format that is perfect for a busy volunteer:
  • Part 1 is completed on-line, at your convenience, prior to part 2.
  • Part 2 is in-class, hands-on training (January 7th or 10th, 6-10 pm). Our instructors are highly experienced refs and teachers who bring a great deal of know-how (and humor!) to the class.
If you have been a Regional referee for a season or more, we encourage you to advance your skills at our excellent Intermediate Referee course (January 15th and 17th, 6-10 pm; fieldwork on January 20, 1-4 pm).

Please see this link for complete details.