Requests to play up an age group

Play up requests are no longer being accepted for the Fall 2015 season.
We generally do not approve requests for players to play in an age group older than their own. The reasoning is explained in this Q&A from AYSO National Coach Administrator John Ouellette.  We do not allow players to play down an age division.
If, after reading this reasoning you still wish to submit a play up request, please e-mail the Player Evaluation Committee at  Please include your player's name, AYSO ID#, divisions wishing to move from and to, and previous coach name and contact information.  In addition, please provide specific information on why you are requesting the play up.  We will contact your player's previous coach for an evaluation regarding the appropriateness of their soccer skills for the requested division, and we may request an on-field evaluation of your player. 
In the event a play up request is approved, it is on a space available basis for the receiving division. 

Davis AYSO Webmaster,
Jul 25, 2012, 7:35 PM