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Coaches and assistant coaches needed

posted Jun 20, 2013, 6:10 PM by Davis AYSO Webmaster   [ updated Jan 12, 2014, 1:59 PM ]

Coaches and assistant coaches needed for

Davis AYSO Fall 2014 season  


For every player to have an opportunity to play in the fall season, we need 350-400 coaches. If you have never coached before, please consider volunteering as an assistant coach. If you have coached before and have currently volunteered as an assistant coach, please consider upgrading to head coach. Please also consider finding a friend and volunteering to co-coach with duties split down the middle. Remember that coaches get to choose their times/days/locations for practices, which can be a SIGNIFICANT ADVANTAGE for those with busy schedules.


Is being a soccer god a requirement to be a coach? What if I have no soccer knowledge at all?

There is no requirement to be a soccer god to be a coach.  In fact, frequently, soccer skills come so easily to soccer gods that they aren't very good at teaching skills to children for whom it does not come easily. All it takes to coach is organization and attention to detail.  If you have those two skills, then AYSO gives you all the training you need to be a good coach.  Coaching your child and their friends is a very rewarding experience, and we have had new coaches volunteering at even the U16 level, so there is no "ideal" entry point. If you choose to volunteer with younger kids, however, your skills as a coach will grow along with your child's skills as a player.


What happens if there are not enough coaches?

Without enough coaches, our last resort is to turn away players -- something that we would never want to do.  However, we need firm team counts as early as possible in order to give the schedulers adequate time to do their jobs, so please don't procrastinate. 


What training can I get?

To view coach training schedules if you are new or need to upgrade your certification, please see our training calendar.


Action to take

To sign up to coach, or to upgrade to head coach, please contact the Regional Coach Administrator at rca@davisayso.org.


Hands down, coaches have the greatest impact on the experience that children have in AYSO. You cannot ask for a better "feel good" position to directly see the impact that you have on enriching children's lives.


Check out this page: The delight of coaching your own child