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Yellow cards, red cards, and quitting your gym!

posted Aug 30, 2013, 9:15 PM by Davis AYSO Webmaster   [ updated Aug 30, 2013, 9:18 PM ]

AYSO Parents--

Remember that soccer game when your kid got elbowed in the face just before the shot on goal.  How could the referee have missed that? Unbelievable, he was playing keeper! You would have ejected the punk so fast the corner flags would still be rippling from the wind.

Now’s your chance! It may cost you a few hours next week, but you’ll be an AYSO Referee on the first Saturday of this coming Fall Season. There’s a Basic Referee course just for you. Breeze through the 17 Laws and we’ll issue a snappy uniform and whistle.  Easy as that!

Better yet! We’ll also give you two cards – a yellow one for the soft-eyed kids who found your emotional weak spot, and a red one for the incorrigibles who’ve yet to learn about law and order.

Oh, and next time the team parents need a volunteer for some mindless task – they don’t even bother to ask you.  After all, you’re the ultimate volunteer. Think about it, someone in a referee uniform having to help out with the field nets or planning the pizza party. AYSO Referees must have more important tasks on their Saturdays. 

Also, you can stop the monthly dues to the athletic club. No more weekends docked on a treadmill next to one of those 27-year-old hardbodies who keeps glancing at your waistline. Forty-five minutes up and down the field a few times – just enough exercise to burn off the Farmer’s Market croissants.  Who needs to qualify for the next Ironman?

Get details about the Basic Referee Course at our referee training page. It’s broken into two, 4-hour segments.  You can elect to take the first segment online or in a classroom setting. The second segment is only offered in the classroom. This course is oriented towards officiating Under 10 and older games.

Hope to see you out on the pitch!

If you have any questions about referee training, please email us at refinstruction@davisayso.org.

Paul Schrupp, Regional Referee Administrator