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Coach Requirements

Required Training for Coaches

Thank you for your interest in volunteering!  All women and men aged 18 and older are welcome to apply to be a coach, either a head coach or an assistant coach, and all youths aged 12 to 17 are welcome to apply to be a youth trainer, who helps adult coaches with a team of players at least two years younger.  To coach or be a youth trainer in Davis AYSO, you need to follow these steps:

1.   Volunteer Application Form (VAF).  All AYSO volunteers, including coaches and youth trainers, must complete, sign and submit a VAF for the current membership year, which runs from August 1 to July 31.  Log in to Blue Sombrero at and follow the instructions to register as a volunteer.

2.  Safe Haven.  All new AYSO volunteers, including coaches and youth trainers, must take AYSO’s Safe Haven course, either in person at our live class or online on AYSOU.  Returning volunteers should take the online refresher course on AYSOU every two years.  See the Safe Haven training page for details.  For the scheduling of our next in-person Safe Haven class, see Current Safe Haven and Coach Training Opportunities below.

3.  Concussion Awareness.  All coaches and youth trainers must take the online CDC: Concussion Course on AYSOU.

4.  Coach Training.  All head coaches, assistant coaches, and youth trainers must be trained and certified to coach at the age division they are going to coach/train.  

For a 6U, 7U or 8U team, you need to take our 8U Coach class.  For a 10U team, take our 10U Coach course.  For a 12U team, take our 12U Coach course.  We give these courses in Davis just prior to the start of the Fall and Spring seasons.  There are no prerequisites for these classes, though we recommend taking the 10U Coach course before taking the 12U Coach course.

14U coaches must take the Intermediate Coach course, and 16U and 19U coaches must take the Advanced Coach course.  The 12U Coach course is a prerequisite to take the Intermediate Coach course, and the Intermediate Coach course is a prerequisite to take the Advanced Coach course.  The Intermediate Coach and Advanced Coach courses are given by AYSO Section 2 and Area D, sometimes in Davis.

Coach certification is a one-time requirement, and it satisfies the coach training requirement for that age division and younger.  For example, if you take our 8U Coach class, you will be certified to coach at 6U, 7U and 8U.  If you later want to coach 10U, take the 10U Coach course at that time and you will be certified at each age division 10U and younger.  You are welcome, of course, to retake a course at any time to refresh your training.

Prior to Fall 2019, we gave a combined 10U/12U Coach course that covered both age divisions.  After AYSO made changes to how the material is taught, we split the course into separate 10U Coach and 12U Coach courses.  If you took the previous combined 10U/12U Coach course, you are still certified at 12U and younger and do not need to retake either course.

All courses consist of both classroom and field instruction.  The 10U Coach and 12U Coach courses also require that you take 10U Coaching Training and 12U Coaching Training Pre-Course, respectively, online.  You do not need to download an e-book on AYSOU; we will provide you with a hard copy coach manual designed to help you coach your age division.  Importantly, no prior soccer knowledge or experience is required to take any of our training courses.  Enthusiastic, positive individuals with no soccer experience often make great coaches!

For a schedule of upcoming coach training classes, see Current Safe Haven and Coach Training Opportunities below. 

5.  General Coach Meeting.  A head coach is required to attend a general coach meeting at the beginning of the season.  It is highly recommended that an assistant coach attend, too.

Fall 2019 Coach Training

Women, men, and youth volunteers 12 years old and up are all welcome!

All references below to “coaches” include “assistant coaches” and “Youth Trainers.” 

Current Coach Training Opportunities

Course List for Fall 2019

All classes at the Davis AYSO building unless otherwise indicated

Fri 8/16 6-9 pm - 8U Coach

Sun 8/18 1:30-6:30 pm - 12U Coach

Wed 8/21 6-9 pm - Safe Haven

Thu 8/22 6-9 pm - 8U Coach

Fri 8/23 6-9 pm - 10U Coach

Sun 8/25 2-7pm - 12U Coach

Mon 8/26 6-9 pm - 8U Coach

Thu 8/29 6-9 pm - 10U Coach 

Tue 9/3 6-9 pm - 10U Coach (Holmes Jr. High classroom H57)

Thu 9/5 6-9 pm - 8U Coach (Holmes Jr. High classroom H57)

NOTE: all classes except Safe Haven include both classroom and field time. Please dress accordingly and bring court shoes/cleats (outdoor). We'll go through activities and games for coaching age appropriate games, techniques and tactics. Coaches who are able will be engaged in activities.Bring your favorite size five ball (if you have one, properly inflated please!). Bring sun block and your favorite sports drink and water. We'll have water on hand too. Bring a notebook to write in for both in class and field work. Training is at the Davis AYSO Building located north of the Library (Library address is 315 East 14th Street) and Veteran's Memorial Center. Park in the Davis High School parking lot and head northeast.

To register for courses offered in Davis

1) Login above (link)
2) If you are a new volunteer, first apply as a volunteer in Blue Sombrero by selecting Volunteer Opportunities on the left hand side of your account summary page. 
3) Then select AYSO U from the tabs across the top of our webpage.  You should be logged into AYSO U automatically if you were logged in to your Blue Sombrero account. 
4) Select the Live Courses from the menu across the top.
5) Using the calendar at the left, select the date of the course you wish to take. Look for the class you wish to take listed for that date. Select "Sessions". Find the class taught in Davis on the date you plan to take the class. Select "Register"

Thank you for your support of AYSO and our kids!

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