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American Youth Soccer Organization Providing world class youth soccer programs that enrich children's lives.

Davis, California (Region 218)

Our Organization

AYSO, a national organization

AYSO, the American Youth Soccer Organization, ( is a nonprofit organization dedicated to the positive development of youth through the teaching and promotion of soccer. Founded in 1964 in Torrance California, AYSO operates soccer programs where young people can learn to develop a positive self-image, self-confidence and other positive character traits through their interest and participation in soccer. In 1964, AYSO started with about 125 players. Today that number has grown to nearly 600,000 players nationwide. Our phenomenal growth underscores AYSO's commitment to a healthy competitive atmosphere for young players and concern for the development of responsible individuals.

AYSO's Vision is to provide world class youth soccer programs that enrich children’s lives.

AYSO's Mission is to develop and deliver quality youth soccer programs which promote a fun, family environment based on AYSO's six philosophies:

Although AYSO is committed to competitive soccer, we are also concerned that the competition be healthy and positive. Most importantly, AYSO believes that soccer should be fun for everyone involved, including players, coaches, referees, and parents. After all, AYSO is a volunteer organization. We should all be having fun and enjoying ourselves!

Davis AYSO, a local organization

Davis AYSO is a region of the AYSO national organization and has been enriching children's lives in Davis through its soccer programs since 1979. Each region of AYSO is assigned a unique region number—the Davis region is Region 218.
Our region is part of Area D within Section 2.
  • Area 2/D consists of the Davis, Antelope, Winters, Esparto/Capay Valley, and Arbuckle regions. See
  • Section 2 consists of Areas in Northern California, most of Nevada, and the states of Oregon, Washington, and Alaska. See
To summarize the above designations, we are: Section 2, Area D, Region 218, or in brief 2/D/218.
Each of the above entities has a board, thus there is the Region 218 board, an Area 2D board, and a Section 2 board.

Our important documents

The Region 218 Board meets usually on the second Monday of each month at 7:00pm at the AYSO Building. There is a public comment period at the beginning of every meeting; contact the Board secretary at [email protected] if you'd like to present a topic.
How to get involved
See our volunteer page.


It takes a lot of hard work to run our soccer program. It is amazing what our Davis AYSO region accomplishes with only volunteers. And among volunteers, some go beyond the call of duty. They are recognized on plaques on the wall at the Davis AYSO Building and as follows.

In 2023 Davis AYSO was recognized as National Region of the Year by AYSO.


The Regional Commissioner is the person responsible for the operation of the Davis AYSO program. The following is a list of the people who have put so much of their time into this excellent program:

1979* - Cheryl Pater 
1980 - Barry Rathfon 
1982 - Rubin Lopez 
1983 - Pat Cox 
1985 - Bud Buchholz 
1987 - Lois Wolk 
1989 - Kend Linderholm 
1991 - Betty Hess-Pierce 
1993 - Steve Fisher 
1995 - Paul Drobny 
1996 - Charles Russell 
1998 - Bill Gargano 
1999 - Randy Nelson 
2002 - Greg Barrow 
2005 - Steve Brown 
2008 - Michael Dedoshka 
2011 - Jen Boschee-Danzer
2018 - Cem Bolkan 
2020 - Sara Stellyhawkes

Hall of Fame

The Hall of Fame award recognizes volunteers who have made significant contributions to Davis AYSO over many years. The award was initiated in 2006.

2006 - Charlie Russell 
2006 - Jock Hamilton 
2006 - Greg Barrow 
2007 - Walt Sadler, Pablo Guzman 
2008 - Steve Brown, Alan Lee, Julie Hamilton 
2009 - J.P. Marie 
2010 - Randy Buhlman, Trebelbis "Andy" Alexander
2011 - Mike Dedoshka, Jim Danzer, and Charlotte Strutzel
2012 - Mike Coder
2013 - Michael Karoly
2014 - Aaron Flin
2015 - Jim Belenis, Mike Ziccardi
2016 - Jen Boschee-Danzer
2023 - Adie Whitaker

Volunteer service

The volunteer service award recognizes volunteers who have made significant contributions to the overall Davis AYSO program.

2005 - Dennis Miras 
2006 - Holli Manaker 
2007 - Leslie Buhlman, Tom Engel, Char Henwood, Ed Hubbard, Kevin Klein, Joe Krovoza 
2008 - Perla Dinger, Segio Espinosa, Austin Perez, Patrick Crawley, JP Marie 
2009 - Diane Peterson, Amul Purohit, Charlotte Strutzel 
2010 - Jim Belenis and Kurt Yeaman
2011 - Alan Lee and Michael Karoly
2012 - Doug Kobold and Ron Unger
2013 - Chris Ziccardi and Miriam Martin
2014 - Debra Brayton
2015 - Analisa Bevan and Martin Verschoor
2016 - Rebecca Baxter
2022 - Noe Gutierrez 

Coach sportsmanship

The coach sportsmanship award recognizes coaches who exemplify the AYSO philosophy of Good Sportsmanship.

2005 - John Horn 
2006 - Jeni Veale 
2006 - Diane Peterson 
2007 - Steve Hampton and Kurt Austin
2008 - Matt Farrens, Kevin Shaffer, Dan Cebra and Ricardo Amon 
2009 - Mark Bell, Gordon Burns, Tom Robinson and Ike Njoku 
2010 - Angeline Lam and John Renger
2011 - Phil Talbert
2012 - Daniel Sedillo and Steve Inouye
2013 - Jim Beaulieu and Roger Cleaves
2014 - Chris Fanucchi
2015 - Matt Wood
2016 - Michael Westlund
2021 - Joe DiNunzio

Referee service

The referee service award recognizes referees who have made significant contributions to the Davis AYSO referee program.

2005 - Kean Goh 
2006 - Steve Culbertson 
2007 - Alan Lee 
2008 - Doug Nelson, Jim Trimmer, Allan Crow, and Mike Goodison
2009 - Phil Cooper, Jim McFarland, Stefan Wuertz, and Mike Coder
2010 - Fred Main, Stuart Pettygrove, Mike Anderson, Michael Karoly, Robert Best, and Jeff Staniels
2011 - Ralph Aldredge, Christi Postlethwaite, Cary Thompson, and Rene Tsang
2012 - Miriam Martin, Steve Judd, and Paul Schrupp
2013 - Gareth Bevan
2014 - Kurt Austin
2015 - Neil Willits and Victor Amoah
2016 - Jim McFarland
2023 - John Gray

Davis World Cup tournament directors

The Davis World Cup Tournament Director is the person responsible for the planning and operation of the Davis World Cup tournament over Memorial Day Weekend of each year. The following is a list of the people who have put so much of their time into this excellent tournament:

1987* - Evelyn Vargas-Castaneda & Robyn Sieg
1989 - Barbara Linderholm
1991 - Jeanette Schulze & Karen Fowler
1992 - Wendy Wood & Wanda Parker
1993 - Barbara Geisler
1994 - Ruth O'Conner
1995 - Mack Walker
1996 - Wayne Griffith
1997 - Wayne Griffith & Jeff Hicks
1998 - Fereidun Feizollahi
2000 - Dennis Lindsay
2003 - Bob Grandy
2004 - Alan Lee
2006 - Mike Dedoshka
2007 - Leslie Buhlman
2008 - Charlotte Strutzel
2012 - Debra Brayton & Heather Mariano

Youth service

Even youths volunteer make valuable contributions to Davis AYSO. This award recognizes youth volunteers who have made outstanding contributions.

2007 - Trevor Hershberger 
2008 - Abdelhadi Reggad and Jeff Strickland
2009 - Bob Riestenberg and Kelly Riestenberg
2010 - Brent Louie
2011 - Kalani Ratnasiri, Maggie Oys, Alice Renaud, and Stephanie Teuber
2012 - Kelsey McMorrow and Gavin Thompson
2013 - Caitlin Thornton, Jonathan Miras, and Tiffany Miras
2014 - Nick Pacuilla, Kate Lee, and Alaina King
2016 - Georgia Eastham
2022 - Felix Fuglei
2023 - Henry Candelo and Alden Mann

National Coaches

"National Coach" is the highest coach certification available to AYSO coaches. Very few make it to this level and they are to be commended. (To see what it takes to complete and pass the National Coach course, see this page.)

2005 - Jock Hamilton 
2005 - Tom Engel 
2007 - Matt Ream 
2009 - J.P. Marie 
2009 - John Renger 
2010 - Alan Lee 
2010 - Ron Unger
2012 - Phil Talbert

National Referees

"National Referee" is the highest referee certification available to AYSO referees. To achieve this certification requires the following:
Complete the National Referee course
Pass the National Referee exam with a passing score of at least 90%
Pass the physical fitness test
Pass two assessments as Referee in a U16 or U19 game
Pass one assessment as Assistant Referee in a U16 or U19 game.
Provide service to the referee program

1993 - Michael Coder 
1997 - Martin Iseri 
1999 - Jeff Hicks
1999 - Bob Best
2000 - Brian Mulloney
2003 - Ahmet Palazoslu 
2003 - Phil Cooper 
2004 - Richard Plant
2004 - Patricia Winton
2005 - Jose Granda
2006 - Kean Goh
2007 - Jock Hamilton 
2007 - Trevor Hershberger 
2007 - Steve Culberson 
2008 - Alan Lee 
2010 - Rene Tsang 
2010 - Fred Main 
2010 - Chris Micheli
2011 - Dan Jones
2011 - Ralph Aldredge
2012 - Michael Karoly
2012 - Paul Schrupp
2012 - Cary Thompson
2013 - Jim McFarland
2013 - Deyi Zheng
2014 - Mike Dedoshka
2015 - Douglas Nelson
2015 - Mathias Klein
2016 - Mike Anderson
2016 - Kurt Austin
2016 - Jeff Staniels
2017 - Miriam Martin
2023 - Ryan Doctor

Thanks to everyone for your contributions, small and large!

If you'd like to recognize someone, please e-mail the Commissioner at [email protected].


Lily Nisen

Lily Nisen played soccer for many years with AYSO, graduated from Davis High School in 2003, and attended San Diego State University. Her life was taken from her in San Diego on Memorial Day weekend, 2004. Since that time, many families have made contributions to AYSO to fund scholarships in Lily's name. More information about the Scholarship

Randy Buhlman

Randy Buhlman (Aug. 21, 1959 - Aug. 1, 2009), a former Davis AYSO board member, passed away at the age of 49. The City of Davis soccer field at Westwood Park has been named in his honor.

Andy Alexander

Drebelbis "Andy" Alexander (Jan. 17, 1952 – Aug. 26, 2009), a long-time AYSO referee, passed away at the age of 57. The Davis AYSO Building has been named in his honor. See the plaque above the front door.

Drebelbis Andrew "Andy " Alexander was a bold presence as a referee for many years for AYSO and more recently DYSL soccer. His experienced view of the game allowed him to be a mentor to many AYSO referees.

Andy's son, Will, pictured here next to Andy, grew up on Davis soccer and played as Keeper on the DHS varsity team.

Andy was an avid volunteer and made great friendships wherever he went. His sudden departure makes his absence all the more apparent. Andy's positive personality and great laugh will be missed on the soccer pitch.

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