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Field Set Up Instructions

Field Set Up Instructions 

Fall 2022 Specific Instructions

Equipment are unlocked and relocked each morning for you by field adopters. Please volunteer to field adopt so we can use goals instead of cones.
Each 8U and below field will have a set of small portable goals.
Each 10U and above field will have a set of appropriate goals (labeled with field numbers), 4 corner flags, and 4 stakes. 

For 8U and below set-up at Community: Find two small, orange netted goals near the AYSO building place in center of end lines (short side of the rectangle).  Use anchors to secure the goals to the ground.
For 8U and below set-up at Sandy: move the small goals with orange nets and place in the center of end lines. Use 2 stakes of secure the goals to the ground, a mallet is in the lockbox at Nugget field if needed. 
For 10U and above set-up: move the goals to the center of the end line (flip the goal wheels down to make this easy) and stake with at least 2 j-type anchors. Place a corner flag at each of the 4 corners. 

For 8U and below tear-down at Community: place the goals back near the AYSO building
For 8U and below tear-down at Sandy: remove the stakes and hang them from the top horizontal post of the goal. Nest all the goals at the complex into a single row that the larger 12U goals can go around. Place the line of nested goals in the parking lot on the gravel. 
For 10U and below tear-down: move the goals off the field to the very edge of the complex or even better to the gravel. You'll know they are in the location they need to be if you answer this question: if I had to mow this field, where would I want the goals to be? The goals should be clamshelled (facing each other) so that locks can be placed around the vertical posts of each goal. If you are tearing down at Nugget, ensure one of the clams shell has the 8U goals within them. Place the corner flags and anchors in the brown lock-box (labeled with AYSO stickers) at each complex. 

The teams with the first game on the schedule are responsible for setting up the field.
The teams with the last game on the schedule are responsible for taking the field down. 
Equipment at remote fields will be unlocked for setup a half hour before start of the first game. Please remember to gather all the items that need to go out at the beginning of the day and make sure you return everything that needs to come back at the end of the day. There are 4 field flags for each field…one at each corner. ANCHOR TO PLAY – place four anchors per goal. Drive J-hook anchors into ground (using hammer if needed) at back corners of goal. Please report any damaged equipment so that we can replace or repair it. E-mail to report damaged equipment to [email protected] 

PLEASE TAKE THE TIME TO DO THIS PROPERLY - If fields aren't set up properly it could delay (and shorten) your game. If fields aren't taken down properly we will call you and get you to come back out to finish the job. 

Remember that NO PLAYERS can be involved with setting up or taking down goals - keep all players away from the goals when you work with the goals, to avoid injury. 

Goal post alignment


Goal post alignment: “The plane of the back edge of the post must be aligned with the plane of the outside edge of the goal line.” — USSF’s Advice to Referees, section 1.3

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