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Field Set Up Instructions

Field Set Up Instructions

COACHES / PARENTS, please be sure to check your schedule each week to determine if your game is the first game of the day on your field or the last one on the field you are playing on. 

The teams with the first game on the schedule are responsible for setting up the field.
The teams with the last game on the schedule are responsible for taking the field down. 
Equipment at remote fields will be unlocked for setup one hour before start of the first game. Please remember to gather all the items that need to go out at the beginning of the day and make sure you return everything that needs to come back at the end of the day. There are 4 field flags for each field…one at each corner. ANCHOR TO PLAY – place four anchors per goal. Drive J-hook anchors into ground (using hammer if needed) at back corners of goal. Please report any damaged equipment so that we can replace or repair it. E-mail to report damaged equipment to [email protected] 

PLEASE TAKE THE TIME TO DO THIS PROPERLY - If fields aren't set up properly it could delay (and shorten) your game. If fields aren't taken down properly we will call you and get you to come back out to finish the job. 

Remember that NO PLAYERS can be involved with setting up or taking down goals - keep all players away from the goals when you work with the goals, to avoid injury. 

You must look up your game time, via the Game Schedule listing, and check for setup and take down duties if yours is the first or last game of the day for that particular Field. 

For field specific setup and take down instructions, field location maps, and other field related information; see the Fields page. 

Field setup for fields at COMMUNITY PARK: General Information 

1. Equipment for U8 games is located at the AYSO building. 

2. All U8 teams responsible for field setup will need to check in with the equipment volunteer at the AYSO building so that we know what field equipment has been picked up and by whom. Equipment will be ready for pick up at 7:15 a.m. 

3. For non-U8 games: gather field flags, goal anchors, and assistant referee flags from the equipment box located along the Right Field fence of the lit softball field. 

Should you have any questions, please e-mail or call ... thank you! 

(530) 979-1346 (equipment line number) 
Email: [email protected]

Fields & Equipment Coordinator 
Davis AYSO 

Goal post alignment


Goal post alignment: “The plane of the back edge of the post must be aligned with the plane of the outside edge of the goal line.” — USSF’s Advice to Referees, section 1.3

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