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Coach Meeting Dates

Fall 2021 Coaches Meeting

Recording of the full coach meeting on August 24 (recorded meeting is 6U/8U but content is almost identical to 10U/12U)

coaches meeting fall 2021 slide deck.pdf


Intermediate Coach Training

What: Intermediate Coaching Course 
Where: AYSO Building, 305 E 14th Street, Davis CA 

When: Saturday 9/18/2021, 3PM – 8PM Working Dinner Provided
            Sunday 9/19/2021 8AM – 3:30 PM as number of participants necessitates. 

3:00pm - 8:00 pm        Classroom (& Field Pending on Numbers):
                   Culture,    Age Appropriate
                    Psychosocial and Physical
                    Quality Training, Coaching Cycle
                  Field: Delay the advance & scoring, back 4
                    Phases of Play,    Principles of Play
                    Match Analysis,    Reading the Game
                    Periodization, the 14U Training Session
                    Style of Play
    8:30 AM - 9:00AM        Review the day, set the field        
    9:00AM – 10:00AM              Field: Coach Presentations & Evaluations       
   11:00AM – 12:00PM          Field: Coach Presentations & Evaluations
    1:00PM –  1:30PM             Lunch (Pending on Numbers)
    1:30PM  -  2:30PM        Field: Coach Presentations & Evaluations
    2:30PM –  3:30PM        Field: Coach Presentations & Evaluations 
                            Pick up the field, thank the players, Review all material to this point, class & field

    Pre-requisites for this course:
U12 AYSO Coach Certification
AYSO’s Safe Haven
Laws Module
CDC Concussion Online Module
14U Pre-Course Online Module
                Intermediate Coaching: Part 1
                Intermediate Coaching: Part 2

Send me (email me, [email protected]) a Training Plan (see AYSO U Intermediate Coach Training – both a print and digital version can be found there) We will go over these training plans on Saturday, and I will give you a specific topic to work on after that discussion that you will present to the class on Sunday where your performance will be evaluated.

The goal of having coaches present and then deliver a training plan to a group of players is to ensure that players get the best opportunity to develop. Here’s a key thought as to what is expected, your theme should be based on the tactical (objective of the game of soccer) evaluation that was the major deficit in your team’s prior performance (based on your match analysis - who what where when & why). For example, it is often the case that coaches state that the theme of the training session is passing or dribbling. That’s a technical theme, not a tactical theme, objective or principal of play. It could be that we couldn’t advance the ball through the midfield. Part of the reason could be poor technical passing, but it is the objective (advancing the ball and maintaining possession) that opens a player’s mind to tactical development and reading the game (why passing is important, but also why creating width, supporting the on ball player, moving to space, moving to receive while shielding and maintaining good first touch all become important), which is our ultimate coaching objective. That’s the thought process I want to see in all your training plans and in all stages of your plans, one through four.

Familiarity with the Laws of the Game, Guidance for Referees and Coaches, the U-12 Coaching materials is critical. There are many points on the final exam that come from knowledge of the laws of the game.

The Laws of the Game (2021-22) are available for download as PDF files from.

Contact your Regional Coach Trainer for the 2015-21 U-12 Coach Manual, or consider purchasing one online from the AYSO Supply Center yourself, if you are not already in possession of one.

The new Intermediate Coach Manual is now part of the online material (you must take the online intermediate course to download it) and you will need to download it. This is an excellent manual and there are many examples of lesson plans that you can use as a guide to develop your own. You will develop one before the course and send it to me prior to Saturday’s session (I must have this by Thursday 9/16/21 by 10PM so I can review it and incorporate it into the discussion we will have on Saturday). We will go over a number of them in class late on Saturday to access how well they are structured and how well they follow the guidelines. You will then develop a complete lesson plan after class on Saturday and you will present one of the stages of this second lesson plan on Sunday morning (you will make two copies, one to give me for evaluation and one to use to deliver the plan)

Please Bring
1.      Size 5 ball properly inflated
2.      Playing attire, including shin guards
3.      face towel
4.      sunscreen & hat
5.      notebook and pen you can take into the field
6.      snacks and your favorite sports drinks

Instruction will continue through Dinner on Saturday and lunch on Sunday will be included if number of participants dictates. Water will also be available at all times.
If you have a team that can help us on Sunday 8:30-12:00 please let me know. We must have players to get this accomplished!

Send me an email  [email protected] so I can send you additional preparatory material.   

Coaches Meeting Agenda

2019 Fall Coaches Meeting Agenda 

Introductions – board members, DCAs, all volunteers

Review of Philosophies
 - treat them nicely or we won’t have any! Need to recruit them
Safe Zone Pledge - applies to parents and guests!
                  Medical waivers - Parent signature for release to play – need to assign – DCAs to email forms – MUST have forms at all team events

Practice Locations
First come first serve -  be courteous. Allow older teams to use bigger fields.
                  No goals for practices – extra teams will be using goals

Field/Equipment Info – Hannah
                  Community park U6-U8
                  Goals at back double doors of AYSO building (closest to VMC). Bagged portable goals for U6/U7/U8.
                  At Nugget, can use 2 sand bags instead of 4 anchors per goal
                  Make sure goals are put away in the proper location, COMPLETELY OFF the lined fields so they can be mowed and re-lined.
                  If goals are not put away, COACHES WILL BE CALLED TO COME BACK TO FIELD TO PUT AWAY.

Concussion training – need doctor’s sign off for head injuries
                  18 + only on goals
                  Goal anchors – 4 per goal located in equipment boxes or for U8 at community in the container
                  Injuries – report to safety director within 24 hours [email protected]    
                  Local Emergency – 758-3600

Team parents – Sareena
Transatlantic – Kevin

                  DCAs take over here

Contacting players
                  Within 48 hours!
                  Telephone and e-mail
                  Some translation services may be needed
                  If you can’t contact - reach out to registrar
                  Some players not on rosters
                  REPORT all drops to registrar

Privacy policy
                  Rosters kept safe

Game Day

                  · Set up and take down by first and last teams to play Set up and take down instructions on website & will be emailed to coaches
                  · If you have the first game start setup 30 minutes before scheduled start.
                  · Please double check your division schedule and make sure if you are take down for the field.  
                  · Both teams set up and take down.
                  · Field Locations by division
                  · If rain, check our website or call 979-1344.  Games ARE played in rain.
                  · Game cards – complete prior to match.  Give to referee. Email scores (U10+) to DCA

Pick up tonight:
                  · All coaches must have a VAF, Safe Haven, concussion training and coach training before getting your roster
                  · Rosters
                  · Coach shirts
                  · Game Cards & sticky line ups (what to do with them)
                  · Equipment – balls, cones, keeper shirts/gloves for U10 & above, 1st aid kits

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